The Brand

Francesco Ballestrazzi Hats & Creations was born in September 2014 from the will of the designer to create unique headpieces beyond the common idea of hat. Francesco Ballestrazzi uses the spherical shape of the head as a white canvas on which he builds a representation of the ideas a head can contain. Working with the head surface let the designer express his visions without any constrictions. Every piece is hand made by Francesco Ballestrazzi himself, and he is always using antique techniques of the italian tradition of millinery, as well as new and unique proceedings he invents himself. Because of its craftmanship and the use of precious material, Francesco Ballestrazzi ‘s collections are showcased and sold in luxury boutiques around the world, where customers can appreciate the value of every details.


The Designer


Francesco Ballestrazzi was born in Carpi ( Modena ) in 1982. He moves to Milan to attend the Academy of Fine Art of Brera. He starts working in many creative fields as like illustration, dance, fashion, and in 2014 he launches his own brand of headpieces, all handmade by himself.

The International feedback is immediate and his creations appears in many leading magazine like the New York Times, Vogue Italia, Vogue Japan, Harper’s Bazaar, VMagazine, Glamour, and many many others.

Today Francesco Ballestrazzi is contributing to the renaissance of millinery in Italy and expanding his creativity also into other fields creating unique art pieces.