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Francesco Ballestrazzi was born in Carpi (Modena) in 1982, after high school studies he moved to Milan where he attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, he start working as illustrator, dancer, and later in fashion, where soon he had the opportunity to work for big names such as Alexander McQueen and Moschino, during these he launch in 2014, his personal line of head pieces, that he produces himself by hand.

His works appear among the pages of the most important magazines in the sector, he is also apponted by Vogue Italia as a promising fashion talent and subsequently participates as a guest at the most important Italian and international dedicated exhibitions, his market includes numerous stores all over the world and many collaborations with high fashion brands.

He also teaching in some of the most prestigious Italian fashion schools and university.

He was recently awarded the title of MAM (master of art and craft) by the Cologni Foundation and showcased his first solo exhibition at the MUSEU DA CHAPELARIA (hat museum) in Portugal.

In April 2022 takes part as an artisanal excellence at HOMO FABER event in Venice.

He lives and works in Milan.

Francesco Ballestrazzi is a milliner, a job that only includes exclusive, artisanal and handmade pieces, which makes it unique work of its kind.

His work ranges from the most classic hats to the most complicated creative expressions, the deep knowledge of many materials, acquired over time, allows him to range between the most varied techniques, like the traditional hat blocking, and the most complicated creations.

He prefers to personally provide for the production of the pieces and this makes the production extremely limited.

He defines himself as a Story tellers, each of his collections is a story he tells personally, where he shows us all his imaginative world, transporting us each time to a different and fantastic world.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, he is mainly self-taught and has a completely personal conception of art and an approach to it. He believes it is important to always take risks and that inspiration can be found in anything you look at. To find out more about his philosophy, contact him.

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